New “InYoFaceFilm” Video Production Features a Lig...

New “InYoFaceFilm” Video Production Features a Light Hearted Comical Music Video


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From the left Danny A,Droop-E, Cherenna Wright, and Haqq Shabazz.

From the left: Danny A, Damon Jamal, and Droop-E.

By Shaveela Raniga

Award winning director Damon Jamal and executive producer Haqq Shabazz of InYoFaceFilm are coming out with “White Boy Faded,” a light hearted comical music video on getting faded by up and coming artist Danny A. The video features an appearance by hip-hop’s Droop-E, the son of the Ambassador of the Bay, E-40. During the video shoot there was never a dull moment. The momentum on set was very positive and upbeat. The genre of the music fits into the Hip Hop category. You can locate Danny A on Facebook at,, on twitter at dannyarap and for booking at (510) 967-9291. The next video will be Bossy, featuring Droop-E directed by Damon Jamal and executive producer Haqq Shabazz. Contact Shaveela Raniga at