Kofi Bonner Heads to Morehouse College


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By Babatunde

Kofi Bonner jnr with mother and father

When Kofi Sampeney Bonner, Jr., 17, became a senior at Northgate High School in Walnut Creek, he started searching for a college where he could realize his ambition to study science and become a doctor“I chose Morehouse College because it is the best university where a young person like me can work hard and develop himself into an international role model for others to follow and emulate,” said Bonner.
“Iwas attracted to Morehouse primarily because it is the world’s most renowned historic Black college and, secondly, because it has an accelerated science program that fits into my future plans – the ‘3-2’ program,” he said.
The program allows students to earn their first science degree in three years and a second science degree at Morehouse or at another university, Bonner said.
“It is my intention to study physics in my first three years and bio-medical engineering in the second half. Eventually I want to end up with a qualification as a medical doctor.”
Bonner says he inherited his passion for education and achievement from his parents, and he plans to honor that. His father is an architect and city planner who attended UC Berkeley. His mother, also a city planner and housing development coordinator with the City of Oakland, attended Wisconsin University.
The youngest in the family, he has two sisters, Noelle and Afia Bonner, who graduated from Stanford University and Boston College.
His father and mother met at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana, before they moved to the United States in the early 1980s.

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