Rising Star Sydney Nycole Reeves Gives Back to th...

Rising Star Sydney Nycole Reeves Gives Back to the Bay Area


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By Spencer Whitney

Sydney Nycole Reeves

Sydney Nycole Reeves

Sydney Nycole Reeves, a 21-year-old singer and songwriter from Berkeley, has been working hard to build her brand in the Bay Area.Her blend of R&B, soul, and pop music has led the young artist to perform and open up shows for industry heavyweights like Chris Brown, Robin Thicke, Neo and Trey Songz.Reeves discovered her love for music while she was still attending Berkeley High School and says what started out as a hobby for her ended up becoming her passion and career. “I was an athlete playing volleyball and softball in high school and had to balance that with singing,” said Reeves. “Finding time for singing was definitely a challenge. But on my 16th birthday, I had a chance to visit a studio and work with producers who helped me find my voice.” Three of the songs she recorded when she was 16 helped her secure an artist development/songwriting deal with actor and singer Jamie Foxx. After taking a few years to polish her skills, she is finishing up her demo tape to send to record labels. “It’s been a work in progress, but I’m looking to spend more time in the studio and make sure the music sounds natural,” said Reeves. “At the end of the day, it’s about doing what you love, and I want to convey that in my songs.” Since then, she has penned over 60 songs and has gone on to secure a television commercial with actor and entrepreneur Blair Underwood and partnered with television producer/writer Eric Von Lowe (Cosby Show, Even Stevens, Walt Disney) on his teen book release “Boyfriend From Hell,” providing music for the book’s website and the upcoming movie version of the book starring Nickelodeon star Keke Barber. Besides making music, Reeves works with children in community outreach programs and charities, serving as an advocate for Alameda Foster Youth Alliance and Stop the Violence in Berkeley. She is also the Ambassador of Arts for Bright Future International, a charity that works with underprivileged children around the world by providing programs that help them achieve academic and professional success. “It’s been a great experience, just being able to watch her grow as a well-rounded artist and build her brand,” said Gary Reeves, Sydney’s father and manager. “She understands the importance of giving forward to her community.” Currently, she is working with her band, “ASAP” and will be performing at the California State Fair on the promenade stage on July 28.

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