OP-ED: Letter from a Local Marin City Resident

OP-ED: Letter from a Local Marin City Resident


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To Whom it May Concern

I have been a homeowner in Marin City for 17 years, and I have never had a problem with anyone here, except for the Sheriffs who have stopped me and my daughter for NO apparent reason. The Sheriffs have come pounding at my door numerous times, without a search warrant, looking for people I do not know. They come in three’s and four’s and are very scary. It would have been crazy for me to ask for a warrant or badge number. A neighbor encouraged me to mention that I am a white woman. Their aggression is not limited to one segment of our community.

I understand that this is a training ground for new sheriffs, and also a disciplinary assignment for sheriffs who have had trouble because of their actions in other counties.

As for me, they have been an irritant, but when it comes to, I’m assuming a trainee, who cant’ figure out how to handle a routine traffic stop without shooting the driver, it has now become outright scary.

One of my neighbors is selling his house due to this incident.

What I am really worried about are the young black men who live here, many of whom I have known since pre-school and kindergarten. They are all good young men. Some have held responsible jobs for years, and others have gone on to college.

As for the comments about the killing under the bridge, the perpetrator was a disturbed young man from Mill Valley who viciously stabbed a Marin City kid to death.

In any case, a few bad apples do NOT represent the community at large, and there is no need to treat an entire City on the actions of few.

To have a bunch of white, (from what I can tell) trainees, practicing on a largely African American population, appears to be a recipe for disaster. Something must be done.

My neighbor’s first thought would be to petition the Governor, Attorney General, and all of our State Senators. We most certainly get no relief from our local government.


Susan Schwartz


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