Univison Television Has Most Viewers; El Mundo to ...

Univison Television Has Most Viewers; El Mundo to Expand


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Univision Television Network, a Spanish based network, was rated number one for the fourth consecutive week.

With 1.8 million viewers under the age of 50, Univision has topped to NBC, CBS, and FOX who all reported its viewership under 1.5 million and ABC, who reported 1.15 million viewers for the under the same demographic, according to Nielsen, a global marketing and research company.

Cesar Conde, president of Univision Networks, told the Huffington Post, “It’s a milestone for Univision and for Hispanic media in general.”

Earlier in the week, the Spanish based channel paraded their accomplishment, purchasing a full-page ad in the New York Times, which read, “Numero Uno is the new Number One”. But what does this rating mean?

Attorney Richard Jackson says the ratings are reflecting of the Latino community’s strength and contribution to the market place, especially given they are now the largest minority in America.

“Univision has been able to tap into a relatively untouched market,” Jackson said. “This will ultimately lead to increased Spanish-language media advertising.

Post Publisher Paul Cobb said he believes that the ratings of Univision, further reflect why the Post established its Spanish-based newspaper, El Mundo, nearly 50 years ago.

“El Mundo is poised to expand throughout California and elsewhere with our online edition and ‘Buenos Noticias’ edition,” Cobb said. “We too, like Univision will unite our vision of news coverage to and for the Latino community.”

The Nielsen Company, however, that while Univision won July’s ratings, the network is still behind other major networks. Nielson suggests that the summer’s end will bring Univison’s rating back down to normality as popular shows like CBS’s “Big Bang Theory” and ABC’S Modern Family return in the fall.

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