East Oakland Youth Giving Back to EOYDC

East Oakland Youth Giving Back to EOYDC


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East Oakland Youth Develop Center (EOYDC) has afforded enriching opportunities for youth growing up in East Oakland. Recognized as a National Model for youth development, EOYDC “develops the social and leadership capacities of youth and young adults (ages 6 – 24) so that they are prepared for employment, higher education, and leadership opportunities.”

EOYDC, founded in 1978 has a record that reflects the work ethic and commitment they instill into the lives of youth.

EOYDC has a well known list of alumnae including Brian Shaw head coach of the Denver Nuggets and Gary Payton former NBA star; but the list goes on.

Jamal Rasheed, 19, and R’alliyah Hartwell 15, grew up in EOYDC. Now both work as summer camp leaders at the center, giving back to a place that instilled so much in them.

Rasheed will be a sophomore at Morehouse University in the fall and contributes much of his success to EOYDC, helping him become the man he is today.

“EOYDC has motivated me to give back to the next generation,” Rasheed added. “…I know the center can change lives.”

Hartwell attends Heritage High School. EOYDC continues to motivate her and with the long list of successful people coming from the center, like Rasheed, she knows that she will be able to achieve her biggest dreams.

“EOYDC has taught me how to set goals and given me the tools to achieve them,” she said.

East Oakland Youth Development Center makes it their mission show youth of the Bay Area that anything is possible. Believing that it takes a village to raise a child, EOYDC is contributing to the strong foundation needed to become a successful and respectable member of society.

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