“Poetry by the Bay,” Vallejo’s Largest Open Mic Ev...

“Poetry by the Bay,” Vallejo’s Largest Open Mic Event


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As the largest open mic event in Vallejo, Poetry by the Bay has brought together talented poets, lyricists, and artists from all over the Bay Area to share their work.

Started in 2008 by spoken word artist and songwriter Kyrah Ayers, also known as “Lyrical Profet,” this free event brings people into an environment where they can feel comfortable expressing themselves.

It is also one of few open mics in the Vallejo community.

After the local show “Listen and Be Heard” went out of business, Ayers took it upon himself to bring spoken word back to the city.

“We always need something that people can do in order to express themselves in a positive way. Everyone has something to say and poetry is just one of the ways we can actually express it,” said Ayers, owner of Profetic Lyrics which sponsors Poetry by the Bay.

Raised in Vallejo, he started writing at age 11 and has hosted many events including Oakland’s Sunday in the Redwoods and the Walk to End Poverty. Ayers also hosts the monthly spoken word event.

Poetry by the Bay focuses on the important messages expressed through poetry and encourages people to stay informed of what’s going on in their community, Ayers says.

“I’ve heard every topic come up. It’s really community-based and supported. I always appreciate the positive people that come and just want to have a good time,” he says.

Open to all ages and anyone from amateur to professional poets, the spoken word event recently celebrated its fifth anniversary featuring poet and author Dom Jones.

Poetry by the Bay meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday, 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at Panama Red Coffee, 289 Mare Island Way in Vallejo. The event is sponsored by Panama Red Coffee Co. and Profetic Lyrics.

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