The Motherhood Foundation Provides a Safe Haven fo...

The Motherhood Foundation Provides a Safe Haven for Women


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When Tree of Life Empowerment Ministries started The Motherhood Foundation, they wanted to bring more resources and support to a community in need. Having mentored sexually exploited young women and fed the hungry in the city of Oakland, the plight of young mothers and single mothers was their call to action.

Designed to support the mental, spiritual, and physical health of women in need, The Motherhood Foundation has partnered with over 25 local agencies such as WIC, Healthy Oakland, and the Oakland Private Industry Council (PIC) to give women access to multiple resources. Mothers struggling to provide for their families can get help with their finances, women exiting the prison system can receive assistance in finding housing or employment, and grandmothers raising their grandchildren can get the support they need.

“When the pride of motherhood began to slip away, the church looked around and found a new generation of women,” said Pastor Phyllis Scott of Tree of Life Ministries and executive director of The Motherhood Foundation.

“We don’t want to enable them, we want to empower them. We’re here to restore economical, social, medical, and mental support back to women and their children,” she said.

Each family that comes to Motherhood is given wraparound services according to their needs including classes on nutrition, domestic violence, and how to deal with grief.

The organization is also focused on helping formerly incarcerated women reconnect with their families and make healthier choices. They hope to encourage them with support in job placement, counseling, transportation assistance, computer training, housing, and other services.

“Our role is to be an advocate for those women and get them where they need to go, to fill that gap between prison and success. We understand that we don’t have all the answers, but together we have answers. Many women just don’t know how to get those answers.”

“We begin to put the wheel in motion and help them begin to be successful,” Scott said.

For more information on The Motherhood Foundation, contact or call (510) 688-7437.


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