Congresswoman Lee Applauds EPA’s Decision to Cut P...

Congresswoman Lee Applauds EPA’s Decision to Cut Power Plants Carbon Pollution


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Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) is praising the Environmental Protection Agency’s new carbon pollution standards for existing power plants.

“The Obama Administration’s decision to begin cutting carbon emissions from power plants is an important step on the road to reversing the dangerous effects of global climate change,” she said. “Rising temperatures, unprecedented storms, and in California, the most severe drought in recorded history, leave little doubt that climate change is already at hand and affecting the lives of millions of Americans.”

The planannounced by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to reduce power plant carbon emissions by 30 percent makes economic and moral sense, said Lee. “Power plants are the single largest source of carbon pollution in United States, and the EPA’s Clean Power Plan offers a fair, flexible roadmap to a green future.”

“These safeguards are of particular importance to low-income communities and communities of color, who are more likely to live near power plant pollution and more vulnerable to the effects of climate change,” Congresswoman Lee continued.

“At a time when Americans are spending $100 billion annually to treat health conditions caused by power plant pollution, such as asthma and heart disease, these common sense regulations will protect public health in low-income and all communities, and restore our planet for future generations.”



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