JLI Art Academy Student Work Showcase in Stockton

JLI Art Academy Student Work Showcase in Stockton


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The community is invited to view the work of students from Jagged Lines of Imagination Art Academy on Friday evening, June 27th, from 5:30-7 pm, at 2232 N El Dorado in Stockton.

Expressive watercolors inspired by the four seasons, ferocious dinosaurs drawings, incredibly cute yet dangerous ninja chibis, and some of your favorite villains, such as Marvel’s Loki, Disney’s Hades, and Despicable Me’s Vector have been the students’ inspiration. Snacks and beverages will be served.

s=”p1″>Selected works from instructors David Vallejo, Betsy Luntao, and Sally Luntao will be up for silent auction. Their works will consist of the teaching demos carefully prepared for class – the intricate breakdowns of composition, characters, and animal design.

Cleveland School Remembers will also be at the studio encouraging attendees to their own art by placing wishes for their neighborhood on Wish Flags.

Sign up for the upcoming Summer Workshops will also be available. From T-shirt printing with Betsy, more Wish Flag designing, an Artist Alley preparation course for StocktonCon in August, and an intense 12-hour comic making challenge are some of the summer’s activities

For more information, visit, or call 209-38ART4U (209-382-7848). The event is free.


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