New Program Will Serve Frail Seniors in West Contr...

New Program Will Serve Frail Seniors in West Contra Costa County


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With Baby Boomers projected to more than double in California by 2050 – and many seniors struggling without savings or insurance to cover their long term health care needs – organizations like the Center for Elders’ Independence (CEI) and Guardian Adult Day Health Center (Guardian) are now redoubling efforts o enhance the health and quality of life of Bay Area seniors and their families.

Guardian and CEI, two of the Bay Area’s organizations that provide care to care seniors, have announced a new partnership to offer medical and support services that enable seniors with multiple medical problems to continue living safely in their homes rather

Photo from Guardian Adult Health Center website.

Photo from Guardian Adult Health Center website.

than in nursing home facilities.

This will mean more choices and expanded services for West Contra Costa County residents by providing an “alternative care setting” at the Guardian site for eligible seniors who enroll in CEI’s PACE health plan.

For more than 20 years, CEI has offered PACE (the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) services to East Bay residents. CEI provides comprehensive medical care and support services, and is an alternative for seniors who prefer to live at home rather than in a nursing home facility.

Now serving 32,000 seniors in 31 states, PACE is considered by many to be the nation’s “gold standard for geriatric care,” and is a proven model for providing care to frail older adults.

CEI and Guardian will celebrate their partnership at a community open house on June 27, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Guardian Center, 3905 San Pablo Dam Rd. in El Sobrante.

Speakers include John Gioia, Contra Costa County Supervisor, Peter Behr, Administrator and Chief Financial Officer, Guardian Adult Day Health Center, El Sobrante, and Linda Trowbridge, CEO, Center for Elders’ Independence.




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