Leadership Award Winner Says USF Changed Her

Leadership Award Winner Says USF Changed Her


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Communications major Sascha Rosemond, class of 2015, talks about University of San Francisco in the glowing terms that many reserve for a parent or spouse, saying the university’s impact has been immeasurable.



Ask about her USF experience, and she’s quick to recount how she thought who she was for the first time in Prof. Evelyn Rodriguez’s People of Mixed Descent class.


“USF taught me how to be the best version of myself,” says Rosemond, whose dedication and USF involvement is why, in addition to receiving her diploma last week, she received USF’s Senior Leadership Award.


“I’m a better student, a better leader, and a better person because of USF,” she said. “ I’m not sure if I would be able to say that if I attended school anywhere else.”


Classes like Prof. Rodriguez’s challenged her in new and unexpected ways, she says. “Thanks to that class and others, my ethnic and racial identity became salient to me and is now a source of pride and strength for me,” says Rosemond, a native Pasadenan and daughter to a Salvadoran mother and African American father.


When she and her mom visited USF her senior year of high school, she fell in love with its diversity. She applied and was accepted to USF’s Muscat Scholars Program, as the first in her family to attend college.


After four years, Rosemond calls USF her “home” and says she “grew up” here. Throughout her USF career, Rosemond has maintained a 3.45 GPA and contributed to numerous on- and off-campus organizations, including ASUSF student government, Kappa Alpha Theta fraternity, and the university’s student philanthropy committee.


She also helped San Francisco LGBTQ families with children, interning at the nonprofit Our Family Coalition.


Rosemond was among 23 other Student Life Leadership Award winners in 10 categories. For information on all the winners, go to


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