Mack Alumni Reunite for Centennial Celebration

Mack Alumni Reunite for Centennial Celebration


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Over the next few issues, The Oakland Post is looking to display photos of Mack alumni from all decades, past and present. Send us your photos on Facebook (Post News Group), or contact Ashley Chambers at or (510) 900-9571.



Clockwise, from top middle: Jim Hadnot, class of 1958; Jacqueline Broach-Caldwell and Annette Singleton; Thomas Angelo holding his Mackbook; Sylvester Hodges, class of 1960, chair of the Centennial Committee; Ted Pontiflet; alumni singing the McClymonds School Song at the centennial celebration; Joe Ellis, class of 1962, Marietta Jubert, class of 1960, Inez Gray-Harvey, class of 1933, and Sylvester Hodges; attendees at the centennial banquet; Gay Plair Cobb, Post Publisher Paul Cobb, and Sylvester Hodges; Jacqueline Thomas, Ed Thomas, class of 1959, Joe Ellis, Janet Ellis, and Coach Ben Tapscott, who was keynote speaker; Dorothy Mae Dancy, class of 1948; Ollie Jackson, class of 1962; Wil Ussery and Maxine Ussery, class of 1957; Centennial Committee members Jeanne Gambrell, Carol Curtis, Cheryl Hightower, Joe Ellis, Sylvester Hodges, Tina Dright, and George Randolph.



Photos courtesy of Troy Williams, Ken Epstein, Ashley Chambers, Darrell Dancy, the Hadnot family and Thomas Angelo’s “Columna Honoris”. Graphics and collage by Adam Turner.


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