MCE, City of Richmond, Chevron And Stion Celebrate...

MCE, City of Richmond, Chevron And Stion Celebrate Largest Publicly Owned Solar Project In Bay Area


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Marin Clean Energy (MCE), the City of Richmond, Chevron and Stion Energy Services hosted a news conference Wednesday, December 16 to celebrate the largest publicly owned solar project in the Bay Area known as “Solar One,”.


The 49-acre project will host a 10.5-megawatt ground-mounted solar farm to be constructed at a Chevron Refinery brownfield site.


Solar One is expected to support over 100 jobs, with at least of the jobs going to Richmond residents. The was chosen as part of the Environmental and Community Investment Agreement negotiated by the City of Richmond as part of the Chevron Modernization project.


Stion Energy Services is leading the development of the Solar One project.


Once completed, Solar One will generate enough electric energy for 3,400 homes. This will be the largest solar project in MCE’s service area and the first MCE ratepayer‐owned project.


Solar One will eliminate an estimated 10,000 metric tons carbon dioxide per year for the next 25‐years, which is the equivalent to removing 2,081 cars from the road for each year of operation.


Pre‐development costs are funded in part by MCE ratepayers who choose to purchase MCE’s Deep Green 100 percent renewable energy product.

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