‘Poetry for the People’ Raises Funds for Police Co...

‘Poetry for the People’ Raises Funds for Police Commission Ballot


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The Coalition for Police Accountability (CPA), a group of community organizations whose mission is to place a Police Commission on the November 2016 ballot, is holding a creative fundraising event to place the initiative on the ballot.



Titled ‘Poetry for the People,’ the event will be held on Saturday, Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. at the Eastside Arts Alliance, located at 2277 International Blvd. in Oakland.



The evening will feature live performances by local artists, poets and musicians, including Kev Choice, Young Gifted and Black and Alia Sharieff, and is curated by Cat Brooks of the Anti Police-Terror Project.



The fundraiser aims to raise necessary funds for organizing and promotion of the Police Commission since the coalition is anticipating strong police union opposition, according to Brooks.



While the City of Oakland currently has a Citizens’ Police Review Board in place, the coalition is striving to establish a commission that has “teeth” and will oversee and monitor the Oakland Police Department.



“It’s going to be a police review board populated by the people—not elected officials or former police officers,” said Brooks. “They’ll be everyday folks in Oakland that are interested in supporting a body that can hold the Oakland Police Department accountable for their abuses in the city.”



According to CPA’s website, the Police Commission would have the power to “monitor, audit and supervise the police department to ensure that OPD practices are constitutional, do not evidence racial profiling, and that officers who violate policy are held accountable for their misconduct.”



The suggested contribution for the Poetry for the People event is $20 and food will be provided.



For more information, contact the CPA at For more information on the Police Commission, visit CPA’s website at


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