Organize for April 5 City Council Meeting to Pass ...

Organize for April 5 City Council Meeting to Pass Housing State of Emergency


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The Post Salon will host a special organizing meeting Sunday, March 13, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m., to prepare for the April 5 City Council meeting, where the council will consider passing a housing state of emergency to temporarily freeze some rents and halt most evictions in Oakland.



Organizers say it will take a united and outspoken community to win the housing state of emergency and pass new laws in the next two or three months that will protect the right of renters to stay in the city.



The growing coalition so far includes Qilombo Community Center, the Oakland Tenants Union, Oakland Alliance, participants in the Oakland Post Salon, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, John George Democratic Club and the Block by Block Organizing Network.



The meeting will be held at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle, 410 14th St. in downtown Oakland. For information call (510) 287-8200.


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