Organize for Moratorium on Rent Increases

Organize for Moratorium on Rent Increases


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In response to rising calls for action from the community, the City Council will vote Tuesday, April 5 on whether to declare a housing state of emergency, in response to an unprecedented crisis that affects nearly every family and neighborhood in Oakland. 


If approved by at least six members of the council, the moratorium on excessive rent increases and all but just cause evictions would go into effect for 90 days, giving the council time to pass laws that would relieve some of the pressure on Oakland residents.



The call for action came out of a meeting of the Oakland Post Salon at the end of February, where participants—individuals and members of organizations— unanimously decided they would organize to demand the City Council respond to the needs of the community.



Prior to the Post Salon meeting, other organizations called for a state of emergency, including the John George Democratic Club, Block by Black Organizing Network and the Oakland Tenants Union.



Organizers are asking local residents to come to the City Council meeting at 5 p.m. on Tuesday at Oakland City Hall to express their feelings on this issue. They are encouraged to bring their friends and neighbors.



People can sign up online to speak on item #12 at the meeting at:



Organizers are also urging residents to call or email Mayor Libby Schaaf and members of the City Council before Tuesday’s meeting.



Their contact information is:



District 1, Councilmember Dan Kalb (510) 238-7001,


District 2, Councilmember Abel Guillén (510) 238-7002,


District 3, Council President Lynette Gibson McElhaney (510) 238-7032,


District 4, Councilmember Anne Campbell-Washington (510) 238-7042,


District 5, Councilmember Noel Gallo (510)-238-7005,


District 6, Councilmember Desley Brooks (510) 238-7006,


District 7, Councilmember Larry Reid (510) 238-7007,


Councilmember At-large Rebecca Kaplan (510) 238-7008,


Mayor Libby Schaaf (510) 238-3141,


City Administrator Sabrina Landreth (510) 238-3301,


The email address council@ goes to all council members.



The community coalition – the Oakland Post Salon, Oakland Tenants Union, Oakland Alliance, Block By Block Organizing Network, John George Democratic Club, Wellstone Club – that sponsored the request to declare a “Housing State of Emergency” with Moratoriums on Rent Increases (above CPI), and on No-Cause Evictions, named a volunteer Action Committee to work on passing the ordinance.



The Oakland Education Association (OEA) has endorsed the call for action, and Qilombo in West Oakland also called for a housing state of emergency.



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