30 People Hired on the Spot at Oakland PIC’s Safew...

30 People Hired on the Spot at Oakland PIC’s Safeway Job Fair


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The computer resource lab at the Oakland Private Industry Council (PIC) was bustling this week with Safeway staff as they assisted job candidates through the online application process during a Safeway Job Fair on Wednesday, August 10. 


With the opening of a new Safeway store at 51st and Broadway in Oakland, recruiters interviewed over 50 people at the hiring event.


Nearly 30 people were hired on the spot after attending the job fair.


“We are excited to host Safeway during this job fair and to see job seekers getting hired. We look forward to continuing this success at the next Safeway Job Fair on Aug. 17,” said Gay Plair Cobb, CEO of Oakland PIC.


The new Safeway store is scheduled to open on Sept. 11. Open positions include cashier, bakery, deli, produce, pharmacy and Starbucks clerks.


“We’re looking for bright, energetic, customer service-oriented people,” said Debra Feleke, District 4 recruiter for Safeway. “We have various positions available. We have full benefits and plenty of room for advancement.”


The Safeway Job Fair will continue on Wednesday, Aug. 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Oakland PIC, 1212 Broadway, 1st floor in Oakland. Those interested in attending are encouraged to bring their California ID, resume and social security card.


Job seekers must apply online at For more information, visit or call (510) 768-4400.


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