Swanson and Kaplan Endorse Each Other


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Former Assemblymember Sandré Swanson, who is running for State Senate, and Rebecca Kaplan, who is running for reelection as Oakland City Councilmember-at-Large, have announced they are endorsing each other. 


“I endorsed Rebecca because I believe she has been a champion on the City Council for affordable housing,” he said. “She is a friend on the council for low- and moderateincome housing opportunities.”


Swanson said Kaplan supported his work in the Assembly to protect children in Oakland who are human trafficking victims.


“She has supported police accountability, working for strong police review,” he said. “She is concerned about the poverty in the city. That is something she has not shied away from addressing. That’s why I endorsed her and will continue to do all I can to support her,” said Swanson.


Kaplan said she endorsed Swanson because of his fearless support of the needs of Oakland and its residents.


“There was a moment in the State Legislature when legislators had an opportunity to stand up for the needs of cities and working people for affordable housing,” Kaplan said.


“He stood head and shoulders above everyone else, when they took away redevelopment funds, which we used to fund affordable housing. He was one of only a few who were willing to stand up, despite pressure to do other otherwise,” she said.


Kaplan said that Swanson had an outstanding record in the Assembly, fighting for police accountability, against racial profiling, for and return of local control to the school district.


He joined with Kaplan to defeat Prop 8, making illegal for same sex couples to marry, she said.


“He stood against anti-LGBT hatred. He has stood up at every level.”


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