Special Oakland Council Meeting on Housing Set for...

Special Oakland Council Meeting on Housing Set for Jan. 23


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This past Wednesday the City Council received an email stating that upon request from the mayor’s office, the Special Council Meeting of Wednesday, January 25 has been rescheduled to Monday January 23 at 5:30 p.m., Council Chambers, 3rd floor. 


The Special Council Meeting was called to hear three specific items:


Councilmember Kaplan’s Ordinance to Amend the Code Enforcement Relocation Program, which will help those who are being displaced with more resources to find housing; a discussion of the Oakland Warehouse Coalition’s Proposed Emergency Tenant Protection Ordinance and the Mayor’s Executive Order; and the Ghost Ship Remembrance Day Resolution.


Kaplan’s Ordinance to Amend the Code Enforcement Relocation Program will require six votes to pass.


The Mayor’s office cited that the reason for scheduling change is due to a conflict of time and location with the Oakland Unified School District regular board meeting.


This reasoning is of concern to some, due to the fact that at the Rules Committee Meeting on January 12, Deputy City Administrator Stephanie Hom stated that, “…it is a typical, regular meeting of the school board. However, in our agreement with the school board, we have precedent if the council has set a special meeting. We will provide notice to them that we will be having a City Council meeting in the chambers.”


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