East Oakland Native and Social Entrepreneur Ise Ly...

East Oakland Native and Social Entrepreneur Ise Lyfe Still Gets Business Done on Behalf of the People


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Oakland’s native son, Ise Lyfe, has seemingly done it all. From HBO Def Poetry Jam and Huffington Post Contributor to Ted Talk and guest lecturer at over 50 universities domestic and abroad, Ise Lyfe continues to use his platform to address issues impacting urban communities.  

Although based in Los Angeles, his hometown continues to serve as the framework for social justice. Now, he has become a prolific voice in the fight for housing.



In 2013, his pioneering conceptual art project, Brighter than Blight, transformed a condemned housing project in East Oakland into a life-sized exhibition and narrative on housing as a human right. And now through art and education, Ise Lyfe is leading the charge within the tech sector to elevate the moral responsibilities of companies to help address gentrification and displacement in local communities around the nation.



“We must challenge the tech industry to be equity minded around everything from how they hire to how they exist in the cities that they’re in,” said Ise Lyfe.



He has founded, Lyfe Productives, a social marketing and education firm helping companies improve product development and content dissemination to urban communities. The firm works in the health, education, and entertainment sector with companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Comedy Central and the Alameda County Department of Education, to produce groundbreaking products and bring about life-changing ideas.


Currently, Lyfe Productives is working with the National Fair Housing Alliance to develop a national PSA about institutional racism as it relates to housing and lending.


“Poisonous and purposeless products are excessively pushed in communities of color while ideas worth their weight aren’t presented in a competitive way for our communities to buy into, “said Ise Lyfe. “That has to change.”



And change is what Ise Lyfe will continue to push for in business and in urban communities through education and art.


On January 26, Ise Lyfe will be live in concert at the New Parish, 1743 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94612. This will be his first concert in Oakland since the release of his highly successful independent album, Slave Revolt.



“I’ve been performing around the country but I wanted to make sure I came home to do this,” said Ise Lyfe.



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