Oakland Man Launches “Rock the Runway”...

Oakland Man Launches “Rock the Runway” Fashion Show to Inspire Youth


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Part 1- Showcasing our kids

Elbert McBride says, “In order for me to make a change. I have to be the change.”

McBride has changed his ways after doing four years for charges that were later dropped. He wants to show his children and the youth that he, and others like him, can “be the kind of fathers that help their kids go farther.”

He has formed a business enterprise, “One for all, All for one,” that has a subsidiary named “On Point Entertainment,” which has teamed up with Mario Benton, who formerly taught modeling at Youth Uprising, to present a fashion show and model competition to inspire and capture the imagination of youth and their families.

“We need positive role models to steer our communities away from the drugs and other non-productive lifestyles,” says McBride who unashamedly claims to be a god-fearing member of the Center Street Baptist Church.

McBride supports his church’s neighborhood Friday night anti-violence walks through the streets, where he says starts at Prescott Elementary and McClymonds High schools.
McBride said he has been encouraged by the positive writings of Post News Group columnists Richard Johnson and Ron Linzie.

“We need to showcase our kids by teaching them discipline and how to be respectful listeners and how to stay focused on what is the right thing to do,” he says.

Singer Angie Stone will Perform at “Rock the Runway” on May 20th.

The Rock the Runway fashion show and music extravaganza will take place on May 20th in the historic 16th Street Station in West Oakland. There will be a special performance by Angie Stone and performers as young as 5 years old.

For more information,  visit Rock the Runway.


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