Gwendolyn Annette Howard Receives Doctoral Degree ...

Gwendolyn Annette Howard Receives Doctoral Degree from Global University


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Gwendolyn Annette Howard, who serves as pastor of the First Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, on 86th Avenue, in Oakland, received her Doctoral Degree in Theology, Th.D., from The Global University of Theology on Jan. 21.

She has also spent a lifetime in applying the teachings of Jesus Christ to her church and community.

Her church recently celebrated its 50th anniversary,  since her father the late Dr. H.M. Howard his wife Edna M. Howard founded it in 1967.

The Howard family hails from Jackson Mississippi where her father actively worked with civil rights icons Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Medgar Evers.

She is carrying the legacy of her father’s work as she supervises her staff for Oakland’s Head Start Program.
“My father encouraged me to do extensive church service, even at a time when women weren’t often recognized or promoted. Now I am active with community programs such as OCO, Ceasefire anti-violence neighborhood walks, voter education and providing food and gifts to low-income families in the East Oakland area,” she said.
Pastor Howard received a B.A.Degree from San Francisco State University and holds a teaching credential. She has taught in the Oakland and Daly City school districts.


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