Parent-led Conference on Equity in Oakland Schools

Parent-led Conference on Equity in Oakland Schools


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Outcomes and opportunities for students in Oakland vary dramatically across schools. For anyone who is interested in why this is, and what can be done to change it, Oakland Equity Allies is presenting Parents Organizing for Equity and Integration in Oakland Schools, an Oakland parent-led conference.

“A lot of parents are concerned about school segregation in Oakland, but they stay silent, either because they feel helpless or because it benefits their children,” says parent Eleanor Wohlfeiler.

“We are interested in how parents can learn from each other and collaborate to improve outcomes for all students,” said Wohlfeiler.

The parent-led conference will take place at Fremont High School, 4610 Foothill Blvd. in Oakland, Saturday, April 15 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Oakland Unified School District staff and School Board Director Shanthi Gonzales will be among those attending the conference.

This local conference on equity is part of the national discussion about integration and equity in schools, which is heating up. This local conversation will give Oaklanders a chance to take action for equitable schools.

At the conference, parents will hear from and connect with other parents across the district as they share their perspectives on equity and integration in Oakland schools.

Experts will present on what is being tried around the country to advance equity and integration, and also share specific data on enrollment patterns in Oakland.

In the afternoon, there will be parent-led workshops that will share parent experiences and efforts to create more equitable experiences for Oakland students.

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