Congresswoman Barbara Calls Trump Budget “Heartles...

Congresswoman Barbara Calls Trump Budget “Heartless”


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Barbara Lee released statement this week, saying that President Trump’s proposed FY2018 federal budget “is, at its heart, a moral document.”

“It puts on paper the principles and priorities of a nation. In all my time in Congress, I have never seen a budget so devoid of compassion and empathy for families struggling to make ends meet,” she said.

“This Republican agenda is Robin Hood in reverse,” Lee continued.  “Their morally bankrupt budget steals health care from children and food assistance from hungry families in order to pad the pockets of billionaires and defense contractors.

“If their budget is enacted, afterschool programs will close. Seniors will be forced to forgo medical care. Parents will have to choose between paying the rent and putting food on the table.”

Pointing to the ideological viewpoint of Trump advisor Steve Bannon, Congresswoman Lee said that Bannon is  “the architect of this heinous agenda, (who has) stated his ultimate goal was ‘deconstruction of the administrative state.’ This administration will stop at nothing to dismantle the lifesaving programs that keep families safe, healthy and educated.”

“The vision presented in this Republican budget is clear: the rich get ahead, and everyone else pays the price.”

“Democrats stand united in rejecting this heartless vision. Instead of rigging the system further for the rich, Democrats want to invest in job creation, health care, and vital services like Meals on Wheels. The American people deserve a budget that recognizes the dignity inherent in every person.”


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