49ers Hoyer Shines Bright In Joint Practice With B...

49ers Hoyer Shines Bright In Joint Practice With Broncos


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Santa, Clara, CA – The 49ers are coming off their first win of the preseason and to make sure they stay on track, they are hosting the Denver Broncos for a two-day practice before they face-off this upcoming Saturday night.

No better way to study your opponent than to run drills together few days. No big advantage other than to get better, these two teams don’t meet during the regular season. But when you get a chance to face a defense led by Von Miller how can you not be excited.

“I think players get excited,” said General Manager John Lynch when asked about joint practice. When you practice against each other all the time, our defensive players are calling out plays. You know the audibles, and so you’re going up against something where it’s not scripted.

It’s completely unscripted. You don’t know everything that they’re doing. It’s just true competition. It really is as close to a game as possible. I don’t think you can get enough of this, I really commend both coaches for getting their team right because when its right, it’s the best thing you can do.”


Photo by 49ers

Brain Hoyer got a chance to perfect his game against a stout Broncos defense. On a few drills, Hoyer had his way, he managed to get a few first downs. The 49ers running game looked good but it was a struggled getting into the end zone. Denver’s defense got better forcing San Francisco to review their many mistakes.

“It was good to just come out and play football against a really good defense, react and go through the plays” Hoyer said. “

The Broncos however, are still searching for their starting quarterback. A battle that the 49ers have been through before but have now found comfort in Hoyer. The competition between Paxton Lynch and Trevor Semien didn’t seem to exciting. Lynch made some strides while Semien had multiple turnovers. Not sure the outcome but that’s something John Elway will have to worry about.

“We’ve said from the beginning we want a franchise quarterback around here,” said Lynch. “I love the way he’s [Hoyer] embracing that opportunity each and every day and really has been a tremendous leader for our group. I think, he’s probably exceeded my expectations. We’ve only played one preseason game and we’ve got to continue to let it develop.”


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