ACE Home Health Services – What is Hospice?

ACE Home Health Services – What is Hospice?


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Home health services address many different needs and scenarios. In this last article of a 3-part series about ACE Home Health and Hospice, Inc., we focus on what hospice actually is, and how it works.

Many do not know that while typically hospice is commonly known as “end of life care,” that is not always the case.

Being on hospice case does not mean that a person is going to die.

Hospice means that a physician has determined life expectancy is six months or less, but a number of individuals “graduate” from hospice and actually get better.
Another major concern for families and individuals is how to pay for hospice services.

“Medicare and Medi-Cal cover hospice services 100 percent, with no out-of-pocket payments,” says ACE partner, Harold Goodman.

“The patient receives care and services including nursing, medical social worker, certified home health care, volunteer services, and depending on the patient’s circumstances, physical therapy and speech therapy,” he reports.

Included in hospice care, which is comprehensive, compassionate and readily available from ACE, Inc., the patient and family members may receive spiritual counseling, and bereavement services. And again, there is no cost to the family.

Grief counseling for family members is also available, if and when a patient transitions.
The key to finding and arranging any home health care, whether hospice or not, is to ask questions, be informed, and gather information you need to make the best choices and decisions possible for both the patient and their family.

For more information, please contact ACE Home Health and Hospice, Inc., 85 Moraga Way, Suite 100, Orinda, C 94563, 1-844-467-4967, and go to the website,


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