St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church Childcare Off...

St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church Childcare Offers 24/7 Care


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St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church in West Oakland is expanding its childcare program to provide 24/7 care. The program serves infants to 5-year-olds, offering full and half-day services.

“We are excited to offer this service and are welcoming more children to care for,” said Reverend Robert Lacy Jr., co-director of the program.

Lacy says the center will give working parents the support they need when putting in long and extra hours to keep up with the rising costs of housing and expenses.

“Parents are trying to raise their children and make ends meet,” said Lacy, Jr. “Some have two jobs and some work swing or overnight shifts, so our childcare will assist a lot of parents that work non-traditional hours and alleviate the pressure of child care,” said Lacy.
Lacy says the program is currently seeking more providers and is offering paid job training.

He also believes the curriculum their program offers is more extensive than the Head Start programs and students operate above grade level.

“Education and the care of our children is our top priority [but] we also give students a spiritual and moral foundation as part of our curriculum,” said Lacy.

The church recently added 3,000 square feet of portable buildings to accommodate the expanded programming, especially given that the Church also runs a K-12 school, which was founded by Rev. Dr. Robert Lacy Sr.

“My father has been a long-time advocate for Christ and education,” said Lacy Jr. “He founded the school and childcare center to teach the whole child and provide a spiritual foundation as well as education.”

For more information, call (510) 922-1924


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