BAPAC Elects New Interim Leader At Annual Conferen...

BAPAC Elects New Interim Leader At Annual Conference


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Dr. Willie P. Blair, BAPAC State Interim President. Photo by Steve Peterson Photography.

The Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC) elected a new interim president during their state convention held in Sacramento from October 20-21.

San Diego Chapter President Dr. Willie P. Blair was selected to serve the nearly 40 year-old organization founded by the late Percy Pinkey, a longtime aide to U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein who created the organization when he and several other Blacks were appointees during Governor Jerry Brown first term.

“It is truly my honor to have been recently elected as state president of BAPAC,” said Blair. “Our African American men and women of good conscious have longed for a statewide organization that would ensure that Black people participated fully and successfully in the economic, political, and social fabric of this nation’s greatest state. They are now at the precipice of achieving that great vision and opportunity.”

This year’s conference—themed “Making An Impact in 2018”—references the founding mission of BAPAC and the importance of the Blacks involved with influencing public policy and politics. Convention-goers had the opportunity to participate in workshops from Black Minds Matter, California’s Cannabis Industry, Plight of Veterans, and Climate Change.

Sacramento Chapter President Rory Kaufman said he stepped up to host the conference because he promised the late president that he would carry on the mission of the organization and bring the conference to the capital city.

“Our quality of life depends on our quality of leadership; we must bring back leadership and inspire our people to continue to participate in the democratic process,” said Kaufman.

BAPAC also works to ensure public safety to protect the rights of our citizens and support lawful rulings for every citizen in California, and promote cultural and heritage events to educate our people on our rich traditions and contributions to California history and its growth.


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