Public Safety Committee Will Discuss “Cover-Up” of...

Public Safety Committee Will Discuss “Cover-Up” of OPD’s Violation of Sanctuary City Status


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Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan is asking the public to attend the Council’s Public Safety Committee to demand transparency of the cover-up of the August Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid that violated Oakland’s Sanctuary City status.

This past August, the Oakland Police Department knowingly assisted with an “ICE” raid in West Oakland. OPD’s participation counters the fact that Oakland is a Sanctuary City and that on July 18, the full City Council unanimously voted for legislation, which Kaplan authored, calling for the City to ‘immediately’ cut ties with “ICE”/”HSI”.

As a result, the assistance given by the Oakland Police Department to the August “ICE” raid, a violation of our City Sanctuary status and a violation of legislation that was passed.

Last month, Councilmember Brooks and Kaplan took action to seek information and accountability for the controversial actions of the August “ICE” raid that took place in West Oakland.

This report was scheduled to come to the Public Safety Committee on Nov. 14 but was pulled last week at the Rules and Legislation Committee by Councilmember’s Annie Campbell Washington and Abel Guillen.

“I think it’s inappropriate to try to hide this report and vital that we clearly protect our community from “ICE”, that is why I am speaking out against this cover-up,” said Kaplan.

Click here for the link to our Rules Request.

Click here for the link to the Staff report that has been removed from Legistar. 


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