Shiloh Kingdom Builders 2017 Bold Conference

Shiloh Kingdom Builders 2017 Bold Conference


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Shiloh Kingdom Builders (SKB) is an extension of Shiloh Baptist Church that works with entrepreneurs to dominate the marketplace as a Kingdom Citizen. At the conference, attendees had an opportunity to see their respective professional and vocational activities in the economy as a ministry. They were also encouraged to dream big go forth as ambassadors of God’s kingdom in their perspective industries.

The SKB recently held their 2017 Bold Conference at Shiloh Church in Oakland. The event brought together a mix of professionals wanting to expand in the marketplace included ministry leaders, business owners and corporate professionals.

“For those interested in starting a business or are just inspired to achieve their God given purpose, this is the place to be,” said member Treva Reid.

According to organizers, the conference was created to help people enhance their current abilities and recognize hidden talent.

“By having an understanding that the highest purpose for the prosperity of God’s people is for the furtherance of God’s kingdom you can really expand your opportunities, “ said Reid.

Reid also hopes aspiring entrepreneurs or those fearful of taking the next step, will dream again and regain their drive to succeed.

Keynote speaker Bishop Bart Pierce inspired attendees to lead and honor their faith. Workshop leaders featured authors Eugene Johnson who discussed having a CEO mindset and Tara-Nicholle Nelson who shared tips on business preparation.

Business owner, Obinna Ndu discussed expanding and scaling your company and Venture Capitalist, Kwame Anku shared how tech startups are impacting the world.

Guests also learned from digital marketing strategist, Josephine Johnson, on the use of social media in business and Attorney-Author, Tamara Steele advised women on how to succeed in the marketplace. Coach Fard Bell hosted a workshop entitled “Born to Be a CEO,” business owner, Michael Loubier discussed building your company sales team and CEO Len DiGiovanni hosted the “Creating Godly Goals” workshop.

“Many of the attendees gave feedback on how different speakers gave them clarity on their “Why” and “How” to use their God given talents and gifts in the marketplace, said Accountant Michael Uadiale of Smeed who is also a minister.


  1. Mora Grace

    12 December

    My name is Grace…I would like to know when another meeting like rhis will take place (650)400-6696. Please contact me. God bless and may God richly bless the CHOSEN people of zgod and may his kindom flourish as he has spoken in the last days. We are hear with open arms, now we must work at recieving his word into our hearts to allow his word/ works come alive in all our lives.

  2. Mora Grace

    12 December

    Ps…God is calling all his people to greatness, let his word not come back void due to our fear to go/ walk forward into our destiny…that is our devine calling.

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