Pennies For Peace To Host Christmas Dinner at DeFr...

Pennies For Peace To Host Christmas Dinner at DeFremery Park


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A free Christmas dinner and celebration will be hosted at DeFremery Park on Monday, December 25 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 1651 Adeline Street in Oakland. Organizer, Sharon Hirsch, founder of Pennies for Peace (PFP), says her organization with the help of sponsors has hosted the event for seven years.

“We are an organization that loves our community so on this day we are sharing and caring with a little love in the lovely city of Oakland,” said Hirsch. Sponsored by Fighting For Peace, Charles Moss, the Black Firefighter Association, Oakland Natives Give Back, Councilwoman Lynette McElhaney and the GSO Club, PFP has served 300 to 400 families annually. In addition to dinner, guests will receive gifts and toys will be distributed to children.

“Come join us as we bring joy to people in need in Oakland,” said Hirsch. “Enjoy a nice hot meal, music, fun, and love.”

For more information or to donate to PFP, contact:  Shan Hirsch at 510-355-4627


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