Profiles in Business: Wanda Pene, Director of Pat...

Profiles in Business: Wanda Pene, Director of Patient Care Services on In-Home Nursing Care for Wounds


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Director of Patient Care Services Wanda Pene interviewed LVN Aquila Ward about wound care in the home setting, because it can be an important part of home health care, and a common challenge for a homebound patient.

“One of the things I love about ACE Home Health & Hospice is that we have an interdisciplinary team,” says Ms. Ward, LVN, a wound care specialist and one of the staff supervised by Wanda Pene, Director of Patient Care Services. “ACE has people we can send in from physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nutrition consulting, depending on the needs of the patient. We want to facilitate healing, but prevention is also important to us.”

Whether a wound is from an injury like an auto or skiing accident, a gunshot wound, or a complication from diabetes such as a pressure wound from being bedridden, addressing the problem right away may be the single, biggest priority for the patient.

A wound specialist is trained to notice the details of broken skin injuries that really matter for prevention and healing, is trained to communicate with doctors, and is trained to educate family members and other caregivers on what to do. They know the latest healing technologies and seek approval to add them to a care plan when needed.

ACE provides caregivers in the greater Bay Area, and coordinates with hospitals such as Stanford and John Muir, and clinics and surgeon groups. A call to ACE can give you information on the process to get the care at home that you or a family member may need.

Medicare covers 100% of home health services, and ACE coordinates with Kaiser Permanente and other insurance companies if a patient does not have Medicare. Once a physician authorizes health services for homebound patients, ACE Home Health Care & Hospice assures that caregivers and doctors work together to help in the best way possible.

For more information, go to or call 844-467-4967.

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