School District Business Officer Vernon Hal Resign...

School District Business Officer Vernon Hal Resigns


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Vernon Hal. Photo Courtesy of East Bay Express.

Oakland public schools’ Senior Business Officer Vernon Hal, who has served the district for two decades, turned in his resignation last week.  His last day has not yet been announced.

Recently, Hal has been caught up in the controversy over the nearly $50 million deficit, misspending and subsequent school site cuts left in the wake of the administration of former Supt. Antwan Wilson.

Community supporters say that Hal has worked for years to help the district retain local control and authored major initiatives that helped the Oakland Unified School District regain fiscal solvency.

His opponents say he should not have allowed Wilson and his allies to run the district into a hole.One of the rare high-level administrators with roots in Oakland, he graduated from Skyline High School, and his mother taught in Oakland schools for 27 years. His son graduated from Oakland Technical High School.

Hal worked for OUSD two times. Between 1990 and 2000, he served as the district’s controller, assistant superintendent for business services and operations and associate superintendent for business services.

He left OUSD at the beginning of Dennis Chaconas’ administration, three years before the financial crisis that led to the state takeover.

Hal came back in 2000, in time to help the district emerge from state receivership.

“He helped steer the district back into local control, he helped us regain our bond rating, and he helped refinance our bonds, saving

Oakland taxpayers millions of dollars,” said OUSD Supt. Kyla Johnson-Trammell.

“For all that and much more, we are grateful,” she said. “We wish Vernon the best and look forward to his continued support of our schools.”

During the years he was not working for OUSD, Hal became managing director of an Oakland-based security broker, Impact Capital Management. He served as an audit manager for Deloitte & Touche in the 1980s.


  1. Jim Mordecai

    1 January

    Going forward the Oakland School Board needs to establish whistle-blower protection policies, because even though the Board can ratify Vernon Hal’s resignation, to try and avoid a future superintendent keeping knowledge of a financial crisis from the Board, there needs to be whistle-blower policies passed by the Board.

    Passing whistle-blower policies would be an important step for the Oakland School Board demonstrating it is serious about avoiding future District financial crisis that are of the Board’s administration’s own making.

  2. Donald Macleay

    1 January

    One does not want to become bitter and lose the sense of humanity we should always have for one another.

    Without wishing him personal ill, it is time to stop and realize that he and the group of people who run our schools have caused a lot of personal hardships for staff, teachers, parents and students while they were personally quite comfortable thank you.

    Maybe there is a place for a sense of compassion that lives with a lack of forgiveness.

  3. Georgina Cruz

    2 January

    They are closing libraries and Vernon’s new Assistant earns over $138,000 per year??? The fact is, OUSD continues to employ over-paid mid-level managers who have incurred favor over years of unethical behavior and mistreatment of employees who stand up against harassment, financial malfeasance, and bullying. Vernon Hal has repeatedly & purposely misrepresented the District’s financial health. His lack of oversight during Antwan’s administration was in exchange for keeping his position. Vernon’s only job was to “make” the numbers fit the picture Antwan wanted to paint.

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