Desley Brooks Files for Re-election

District 6 Councilmember Desley Brooks has filed papers for re-election.

“I’ve seen the tireless work Desley Brooks has put into bringing positive change into Oakland. She never forgets to prioritize the longtime residents of Oakland while supporting small business owners like myself. I’m forever a supporter of Desley Brooks,” said Mary Everett, District 6 resident and business owner of Everett & Jones BBQ – Berkeley.

Among her backers are artists Mistah Fab, Jennifer Johns and D’Wayne Wiggins, member of Tony! Toni! Toné!, educator/activist Cesar Cruz, religious leaders Bishop Frank Pinkard, Jr., Bishop Keith Clark, Rev. Dr. Harold Mayberry, Rev. Dr. Joe Smit and Minister Keith Muhammed.

Her supporters cite her proven track record of community-powered wins, groundbreaking legislation and successful efforts in the areas of employment, housing, jobs, police reform and economic justice.

Brooks’ legislative accomplishments in the past year include Cannabis Equity Program, a restorative economic model that seeks to reduce the impact of historically discriminatory legislation.

  1. mark anania

    11 February

    Oakland has enough embarrassments following us around without continuing the travesty that Brooks has brought to the city. We are already taking back 3.5 million dollars from out already underfunded schools to pay off Brooks bad decisions – we do not need any more. Between the ethics violations and criminal violence toward a constituent Brooks has shown herself to be unworthy of another election to our cities counsel. We need to spend time of basics like avoiding any more Ghost Ship fires or other lapses in basic city management. We need a representative that is worried about the basics of city management – safety, fire prevention, and crime prevention, not just winning the next physical confrontation. Add all of this to a Police department that is still under court supervision, cops that are “cooperating” with teenage hookers, a fire department that can’t do basic inspections and follow-up, and street maintenance that is almost non-existant, and you have enough distractions without adding the circus of a violent city worker.

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