Book Review: “Still Waters Run Deep, Family—A Life...

Book Review: “Still Waters Run Deep, Family—A Life Story”


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On the first Sunday in February—Black History Month —a book-signing took place at Allen Temple Baptist Church with a remarkable author who has been making history all his life.
Dr. Donald H. Godbold, Ph.D., has written a memoir entitled, “Still Waters Run Deep, Family—A Life Story,” and it’s a stunning reminder that we are surrounded by remarkable people in our community who can personally relate their inspiring stories to all of us.
Congregation members lined up to buy the book and have it signed by Dr. Godbold, as 60-year Allen Temple member Mother Virgie Green and Mrs. Dolores Godbold stood by. The books flew off the table.
This is the second of two books by Dr. Godbold. The first, “A Career in Community College Administration:  The Challenges, Successes and Pitfalls of a First African-American Chancellor of an Uban Multi-College Community College District,” relates the saga of his community college administrative career.”
This is the story of Dr. Godbold’s career with our own Peralta Community College District, first as President of Merritt College, then as Chancellor of the whole district. Peralta in 1980 had five campuses and three outreach centers. Currently, it has only four colleges.
The second and newest book, “Still Waters Runs Deep” is a deeper story of the Godbold family reaching back to 1830, describing the Kinney and Godbold clans in Alabama, South Carolina, Detroit, and ultimately leading to California.
Dr. Godbold was born at home in Detroit in 1928, “right down the street from Peace Baptist Church where my mother and father were married in Northeast Detroit.”
While both books relate in fascinating detail the struggles and challenges Dr. Godbold and his family have faced, the main message of both is: “If you want it, you can get it.”

He describes this newest book as relating, “The blessed journey of education, achievement, respectability and the development of character.”

“This book is intended to serve as an incentive and inspiration for anyone, particularly African-Americans and other persons of color who may read it, to disbelieve that because of the circumstances of being a so-called ‘minority,’ or person of ‘disadvantage,’ means that they cannot learn, or are incapable of surmounting the obstacles and impediments that they may encounter in an antithetical world of bias and discrimination,” writes Dr. Godbold in the Preface to the book.

Both books are available on


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