Third Week of The Poor People’s Campaign: A Nation...

Third Week of The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival


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Over twenty members of the Poor People’s Campaign were arrested in the California Assembly Chambers on Tuesday, May 29th for speaking out against the ceaseless violence of the war economy.  Member’s chanted demands to dismantle the military-industrial complex and stop the proliferation of gun violence in America’s communities.

Led by Reverend William Barber, who recently stepped down from his post at the North California NAACP to lead this “multi-year” campaign,  and Rev. Dr.  Liz Theo Harris, the Poor People’s Campaign the Poor People’s Campaign has taken up the mantle started by Dr. Martin Luther King shortly before his death on April 4, 1968. The Campaign has now organized people from across the country to  protest at their respective Capitol’s  over a six week period to raise awareness and challenge racism, poverty, war and ecological devastation.

The Campaign invites communities across the nation to join in “nonviolent moral fusion” and direct action as the Poor People’s Campaign galvanizes to show elected leaders that people will no longer allow violence to oppress the poor and those most vulnerable in our communities.

Next week’s rally and protest will address the “Right to Health and a Healthy Planet: Ecological Devastation and Health Care.”  The rally will be held at the Sacramento Capitol on Monday, June 4th  at 12pm.   The final rally will occur in Washington D. C. on Saturday, June 23rd.

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  1. K. Thayer Hardy

    2 June

    Mrs. Dennis,


    What was the likelihood of JFK’s goal to “put a man on the moon” being jeopardized had Redstone-NASA been found culpable in Bapbomb?

    In my humble opinion, Ma’am, until we establish a “Think Tank” to programmatically answer burning question like these, then I can’t give you my most effective technical support paid for by your tax dollars. However, my moral support has been available since I first marched in the PPC as a second-grader with the SCLC in Birmingham, Alabama, in the 60’s with my Grandma Alice and Reverend Burrell.


    K. Thayer Hardy, Master Sergeant, SF/CP, USAF-Retired
    Member of Colorado’s Congressional District 6
    C: 720-238-1565

    P.S. As suggested by the question that I posted on the largest online military network,, I’m still fired up.

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