EOYDC Dedicates Intel Computer  Lab to Reverend J...

EOYDC Dedicates Intel Computer  Lab to Reverend Jesse Jackson


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Left to Right: Regina Jackson (EOYDC President), Reverend Jesse Jackson, Rosalind Hudnell (President of the Intel Foundation), Janice Mathis (President of National Council of Negro Women) and Butch Wing, co-director of PUSHTech2020 Initiative at the opening ceremony of the Reverend Jesse Jackson Intel Computer Lab. Photo by Brandon Aninipot

East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC) dedicated their Intel Computer Lab to Reverend Jesse Jackson on Thursday, May 31. Rosalind Hudnall, President of the Intel Foundation helped grant EOYDC $50,000 for the lab to be used as a gateway to entrepreneurial efforts in the ever changing world of technology.

The grant gives opportunity for more staffing as well as new equipment.

Silicon Valley is known to have scarce amounts of Black people.

In a push to diversify the world of technology, Rev. Jackson connected Regina Jackson and Rosalind Hudnell from Intel to create opportunity in technology for youth at EOYDC.  Hudnell invited Jackson to send a proposal for a grant and within two months it was approved.

The center  now has more than 30 computers, and the funds to staff more diverse young people interested in the tech field.

“The goal is to create a healthy, responsible curiosity within our young people.” said Jackson


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