Javale McGee hosts 4th Annual Charity Softball Gam...

Javale McGee hosts 4th Annual Charity Softball Game


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Both teams pose for group photo after the game. Photographed by Brandon Aninipot

Warriors center JaVale McGee addressing fans after Charity Softball Game

The Jug Life Foundation recently hosted its Water for Life Charity Softball Game and couldn’t have been set on a better stage. After a finals sweep, several Golden State Warriors arrived at their neighboring stadium, the Oakland Coliseum, to support their teammate JaVale McGee.

McGee, who was born in Flint Michigan, founded Jug Life along with entrepreneur Kez Reed to promote healthy, active lifestyles as well as bring awareness to the water crisis happening worldwide. Their mission: To help everyone understand how critical water is to life and Lifestyle. Jug Life has opened water wells in Uganda and has plans to make another trip to the continent soon.

The two teams were lead by McGee and   Andre Iguodala. Iguodala was also awarded MVP of the game.

Warriors Point Guard Stephen Curry and 49ers Cornerback Richard Sherman walk to their dugout. Photo by Brandon Aninipot.

Other special attendees included Stephen Curry, Stanford Alum and newly acquired 49er’s football player Richard Sherman, Radiers’ Marshawn Lynch, Nick Young, Zaza Pachulia,  Jordan Bell and former Warriors player Matt Barnes.

After the game, McGee talked about Stephen Curry being the highlight of the day, who caught almost every ball and hit a home run.

“Curry was the highlight of the day, it doesn’t seem like he’s bad at anything,” said McGee

Curry. who didn’t make it to last year’s game, said that he had to “Shake off the cobwebs” before the game.



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