Richmond Natives Host Back To School Backpack Give...

Richmond Natives Host Back To School Backpack Giveaway


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From left to right: Kneeling – Tulady Lee,  Brandon Whittle, Measar Whittle; Middle row: Unique Armstrong, Jacob Colbert, Elleya Lawson Tray Brown James Lions, Theodore Swartz; Back row – Christina Thomas, Simone Glescoe, Elliott Lawson, Yolanda Glescoe Sandra, Carliste, Mikela Hooker Kyra Randle, Cory Lewis. Photo by: Joe L. Fisher.

Elliott Lawson and Brandon Whittle are best of friends who grew up in the City of Richmond and are on a mission to give back.

In 2017, they came together to form a backpack giveaway.  They wanted to make sure that at least 100 of Richmond’s inner city youth ages 5-17 were ready for the first day back to school.

Lawson and Whittle spent their own money to purchase backpacks, binders, pencils, and other supplies that are needed for going back to school. They networked with local barbers to provide free haircuts and with the City of Richmond to provide a location to host the giveaway.

Lawson and Whittle stated that the backpack giveaway is the beginning of something they would like to see grow into something much larger for the youth of Richmond.


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