Faith Leaders Celebrate Moving from Pain to Purpos...

Faith Leaders Celebrate Moving from Pain to Purpose


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Left  to  right:  Alicia Jones,Jordan Hicks, Che’ron Mize, Imani Packwood Scott,Freda Jackson,Ester Westbrook,Tonya Berry, Rev. Ora Hicks (Minister Tree Of Life) Pastor Phyllis Scott( Founding Pastor, Tree Of Life Empowerment Ministries) Chaplain Elaine Wilson(Elegant Arrangement Ministries, Oakland, Ca, Rev. Antone Hicks (Minister Tree Of Life), Pastor Marie Campbell (Liberty Church International, Fremont,Ca),Minister Tracy Green(Tree Of Life).   


Recently Pastor Phyllis Scott founder of Tree of Life Empowerment Ministries, hosted the celebration of its second annual “Moving from Pain to Purpose” seminar.

She said her “Moving from Pain to Purpose” ministry encourages one to walk through the traumas of life and allow God to begin breaking the yokes that may have chained them from attaining their God given purpose.”

Pastor Scott recounted how some of her own traumatic experiences which included the crib death of her first born, the death of her abused granddaughter and negative church encounters that contributed to her own pain.  “Even though my heart, spirit and soul were broken, God gave me purpose.

“After 16 years as a Pastor God has given me the strength to overcome depression and sexual abuse to have a strong purposeful voice of hope to share with others,” Pastor Scott shared her  intimate knowledge with members of the audience who had also experienced their own painful struggles.

Pastor Scott cited the hopeful biblical text of Jeremiah 30: 8 which the Lord promises to break the yokes and chains that binds one.
The message of my purposeful ministry is to “let the spiritual house cleaning begin so we can live for our purpose, discover our power and to leave the ungodly soul ties behind,”said pastor Scott.

Pastor Scott is the senior pastor and founder of Tree of Life Empowerment Ministries, Church, author of the book, The Purposeful Devotional, A thirtyday Journey to Spiritual wellness.

For more information call 510-688-7437 or email Pastor Scott at


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