Opinion: Organize for Prop. 10, Fight Displacement...

Opinion: Organize for Prop. 10, Fight Displacement, Protect Renters


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“Systemic cruelty” – That’s how United Nations Special Rapporteur Leilani Farha described Oakland’s housing crisis.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can keep families in their homes. We can stop unjust evictions. We can stabilize our communities, slow displacement, and protect the diversity that makes our city great.

But we can’t do it until we pass full rent control and Prop. 10 to repeal Costa Hawkins – the disastrous state law that denies thousands of Oaklanders rent control protections.

Trump’s closest friend, Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of Wall Street Mega Landlord Blackstone, has donated more than $3 million to date to fight Prop 10.

We will be heavily outspent, but we are in the majority!

Our plan to win is very much reliant on turning out low-propensity voters – young people, working families and communities of color – the same people that said when polled they were 31 percent more likely to vote in November if they knew rent control was on the ballot.

We’ll be hosting volunteer canvasses every Saturday starting this weekend through the election. Whether it’s texting voters, hosting a house party or door knocking your neighborhood – we need your help!


Help kick off our volunteer canvass program right – join us Saturday to win Yes on Prop 10!

This election isn’t going to be a cake walk. We’ve seen it before – the opposition will spend millions on spreading “fake news” to scare people away from Prop 10.

They’ve already gone so far as to make up outrageous lies like “you’ll be forced to live next to sex offenders if you pass rent control” or “rent control will decrease your property value by $39,000.”

To participate in the campaign, email or click here.


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