Open Letter: Who Should Be Making the Decisions, t...

Open Letter: Who Should Be Making the Decisions, the Residents or Outside Millionaires

A lot is at stake for District 6 voters in this election. We have serious issues around affordable housing, gentrification, displacement, illegal dumping, blight, and economic development. And, our district needs a representative that can be a voice and a champion on these issues.
I am an independent voice on the City Council to represent you—the community’s interest—not outside interests—and my focus is on delivering results to you and your neighbors on the issues that matter most. I am the only candidate in this race who has a proven track record of addressing all of these important issues.
Over the past couple weeks, my opponents and the Mayor’s millionaire, developer, and real estate supporters have begun spending a lot of dark money to get me out. They are funding negative attack ads against me to distract from the significant issues at stake.
Their goal is to control the City Council, and to do that, they need to remove the few remaining voices standing up for the people. They want to replace me with anybody that will listen to them, especially candidates lacking the experience to be able to be effective at fighting for important issues inside City Hall.
If their money wins the election, District 6’s representative will be accountable to them, not to you.
Right now is a critical cross roads moment for Oakland—and the main question to ask yourself is who should be making the decisions- the people of District 6 or outside millionaires?
For those of you who know me, who have called me directly, emailed me or met me at one of the many events I attend or volunteer at each month, you know I don’t have time for distractions and that I deliver for you directly because the stakes are too high.
I’ve shared where I stand on the issues — and more importantly — my track record of taking them on, on my website.  If you are still not sure, before you decide, please take a look at to see what I have and will continue to accomplish as your Council representative.
From our work to remove abandoned vehicles or tons of illegal dumping off the street, to our work to stabilize housing, stop racial profiling or bring equity and access to the many new jobs passing over our community—I am not going to give up my dedication to working with you for our community.
The dark money in this election will likely outspend my campaign 4 to 1 to attack the work I am proud of, that I have not compromised on, and that you have asked of me.
If you are one of the thousands of constituent calls I have answered over the years, please take a moment to volunteer so we can stop their distraction and misinformation and
continue to improve our District.  Can we count on you to join our campaign?  We are walking, phoning and contacting voters to talk about the things that matter.  Please join us.  To learn more about our issue-based campaign or to donate to the campaign go to


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  2. Dana K.Johnson

    22 October

    Thank you for your very well-worded public letter here on Facebook but I’m having to disagree with you on a very large scale.
    I’ve been a transplant resident of Oakland, 10 years living in the Adams Point area of Lake Merrit and almost 40 years here in East Oakland. Aa the before mentioned lake area remains lovely and pristine the east Oakland are, “EASTMONT” has grown more and more unsightly with illegal dumping, abandoned automobiles, graffiti, vacant lots, dirty trash-filled streets, and the list goes on!!!!! I AM A HOME OWNER IN THIS DISTRICT; WHERE ARE MY TAX MONIES BEING SPENT?????????
    I have CONSISTENTLY voted for you over the years believing that your “voice” would compliment our district and that you would “WORK” for those whose vote secured your position….
    Why isn’t the awning that has sat at the intersection of 73rd and MacArthur for the past 8 years or so been funished??????
    the nappy-headed EASTMONT DIST-FORGOTTEN!!!!
    The promise of new housing and a possible park and school at the empty lot where the hardware store once stood just a few blocks from the Eastmont Town Center IS STILL VACANT and has been! As a matter of fact, YOUR OFFICE mailed out flyers to local residents getting our input on the project ( and mine was received after requested due date that you needed the feedback)
    These are just a few examples Ms
    More rhetoric and foolishness; I THINK NOT!!!!
    Just like the rest of politicians and so-called “change-makers” your time has come and now YOURE DONE!!!!!!

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