Richmond Artists’ ELEMENTS Exhibit Honors United N...

Richmond Artists’ ELEMENTS Exhibit Honors United Nations Designation


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Photo: The International Year of the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements


Richmond artists are producing a national fine arts exhibition at the Marin Society of Artists in San Rafael that opens Jan. 10.

Richmond residents Gail Morrison and Betsy Kellas are putting on the exhibition in honor of the the United Nations’ desig­nation of 2019 the Interna­tional Year of the Periodic Table of the Chemical Ele­ments.

Called ELEMENTS, the San Rafael exhibition in­vites artists to interpret the theme of Elements in what­ever way brings it to life for them, “from alchemy to particle physics to wacky whimsy, an Element’s mystique, mythology, dis­covery, uses throughout history, use in art, the mag­ical areas between the par­ticles of the atoms, philo­sophical or mystical flights of fancy,” organizers said.

The exhibition contin­ues through Feb. 2 at the Marin Society of Artists, 1515 Third St. in San Ra­fael. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sun­day, noon to 4 p.m. An opening reception for the artists is set for Friday, Jan. 11 — held in conjunction with the San Rafael 2nd Friday Art Walk.

“Each artwork will be accompanied by a label explaining its connection to the theme,” organizers said.

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