Alstom’s $56.6 Million Partnership with SFMTA

Alstom’s $56.6 Million Partnership with SFMTA


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Alstom, the Mare Island based company and promoter of sustainable mobility, an­nounced it had been awarded a three-year, $56.6 million on Dec. 4, 2018, by the San Francisco Municipal Trans­portation Agency (SFMTA) for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services to manage and supply parts for the SFMTA rail fleet. As set by the scope of the contract, Alstom will con­tinue to provide SFMTA with parts, inventory planning and automated part replenishment via an integrated IT system, obsolescence management, management and oversight of the VMI program, and provide as-needed technical and engi­neering services.

VMI allows operators to focus on operations, passen­ger service and satisfaction by streamlining the parts procure­ment process. The program has allowed SFMTA to carry out regular and predictive main­tenance of its fleet and add maintenance technicians to staff. VMI has increased daily average car availability and mean distance between fail­ures, making more rail vehicles available for passenger reve­nue service by increasing mate­rial availability and decreasing inventory management costs.

Alstom manages more than 1,100 new parts for SFMTA’s fleet, which is comprised of 149 light rail vehicles, 39 his­toric streetcars and 31 cable cars, which need a continuous supply of spare part

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