Dr. Barbara E.M. Cannon, 82


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Dr. Barbara E.M. Cannon

Dr. Cannon was raised in Big Sandy, Texas, population of less than 600. Her first for­mal music lesson began when she was 10 and was transport­ed to Jarvis Christian College, 22 miles away. Dr. Cannon received a B.A. and M.A. ma­joring in Instrumental Music from San Francisco State.

Dr. Cannon taught French, band, orchestra and choral music for several years in the Berkeley Public School Sys­tem. She was awarded a sab­batical year to pursue French pedagogy at the Sorbonne (University of Paris). She was awarded a second fellowship to develop music curriculum at the University of Ghana, West Africa.

She received her doctor­ate from Stanford University in Administration and Policy Design. After graduation, Dr. Cannon became the Assistant Dean of Fine Arts, Applied Arts, and Language Arts at the College of Alameda.

Dr. Cannon’s next career move was to Merritt College in Oakland California where she was the Assistant Dean of the Library and Produc­tion Center. She was also re­sponsible for the college’s two outreach community centers, Spanish Speaking and African American. Dr. Cannon retired as Dean Emeritus, Math/Sci­ence, Merritt College.

After retirement, Dr. Can­non was an educational TV consultant and continued to Co- Host/ and serve as Execu­tive Producer, of the “Oakland Is” Show, a local cable show that began in the school stu­dios when Dr. Cannon was at Merritt College. She was also the founding Vice-President, African American Museum Coalition, Oakland, Califor­nia. She served several years as a Commissioner of the Al­ameda County Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Com­mission, two of them where she was the chairperson.

She is the widow of Rev. Dr. Booker T. Anderson, Jr. a minister in the United Meth­odist Church.

  1. Daniel O'Connell

    18 January

    “Oakland Is…”, that hip TV show about the “movers, shakers, and image makers” can be seen Saturday mornings at 11:30am on KMTP-32. View previous shows from our vast archive on our YouTube channel, http://www.YouTube.com/OaklandIstv You can, also, visit our webpage, http://www.OaklandIsTV.com for additional information and read about the development of our talk show. “Oakland Is…” was developed 28 years ago by Dr. Cannon and James P. “Jimmy” Guy. Rest in peace Dr. C.

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